20 Facts About Pornography You Don’t Know About

Porn industry lives its own life with its facts and laws. Study 20 interesting facts about adult content:

1. Every year the world industry produces 13,000 “films for adults”, which brings more than 13 bn dollars in revenue. For comparison, Hollywood produces 507 films a year check here, and they bring only 8.8 bn.

2. Porn industry also makes more money in the USA than the National Football League, the Basketball Association and the Baseball League altogether, as well as more than the top TV channels.

3. There are satirical XXX parodies on top world movie hits, like ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Batman.’

4. Every second 30,000,000 users browse porn on the Internet. That is, about 30 million people are watching it right now.

5. The most popular search word related to porn in the US is a “creampie” which means dropping of sperm out of the vagina as a sign of successful coitus.

6. In the United States of America, about 98% of all pornography in the world is produced. Very impressive figure!

7. In North Korea, the punishment for watching sex videos is … a death penalty! It’s very cruel but obviously, this is the mean of power and control on people’s mind.

8. Almost half of the information on the Internet consists of sex-related content.

9. Many male actors take a special drug to prolong and strengthen their erection.

10. Every day more than 68 million searches of sexual content on the Internet are registered in the USA – this is almost 25% of all daily searches.

11. Gay porn actors earn almost three times more than for males who are being shot in a regular porn.

12. 20% of Americans admitted watching porn at work.

13. 70% of all porno-traffic on the world web takes place on weekdays (from 9 am to 5 pm.)

14. Well-respected porn studios ask actors and actresses regularly undergo a medical examination and present a valid certificate. Other must-does are using condoms and protective gloves.

15. When watching porn men pay special attention to the facial expression of a woman. Yes, yes, not the ass, not the legs and not even the breasts.

16. Internet porn in the UK is more popular among users than traffic related to social networks, shopping, games, finance or travel.

17. Women watch less porn than men.

18. 10% of adults surveyed admitted that they have an online porn addiction.

19. One of the top genres is MILF with hot females 35+. Such women are very attractive and desirable for a younger male audience and almost all plots are around this subject.

20. Another hot category is “stepmom” porn. Such a lady constantly waiting for a bouquet on birthday, praising her stepson for help and a reliable male shoulder, which is always available and even more. Although she could address this activity to her own husband.

Hope this info was interesting for you.


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