What is MILF Porn and Why it is Popular?

What is MILF Porn and Why it is Popular?

What does MILF mean? Have you heard it before? Have any ideas what it is? Many Internet users and porn fans come across MILF acronym, which they can’t interpret.

Let’s cover this subject. This will be one of the very delicate articles dedicated to relations between a man and a woman with an accent on the age and erotic expertise. The basic info is as follows:

  • The definition is quite a transparent. And a bit funny, like from Hollywood comedy. It stands for “Mother I’d like to fuck”, which can be interpreted as “Mommy, with whom I would like to have unimaginable sex.” It is clear that this is a perception of the man daring to be engaged with her in full sexual intercourse to receive an unforgettable experience.
  • It is a very popular and collective image of a lady from about 30 to 50 years old with whom anonymous would like to sleep. This abbreviation became popular after the “American Pie” comedy released in 1999, in which one intelligent-looking guy says this word, viewing a photo of his friend’s mother. However, this combination of letters was made up long before this movie. On the Internet, it is commonly used on porn resources, including aggregators and forums.
  • Although, public opinion indicates this type as a lady (with children or childfree) being already mature, some fools call MILF girls of the 18 years. Of course, this is a mistake.
  • More precisely, this term indicates that a woman is perceived by social status as a mother for someone who wants her. Of course, not everyone, but some chicks of this age are well-groomed, self-confident and incredibly sexy. So young people of 18-27 years old just dreaming about lovemaking with them. That’s why really hot scenes are so popular in adult movies.

Female Tastes

The popularity of such porn embodies fantasy of many younger men. Because females 35+ don’t consider seriously reasonable guys of 18-27 years old. Not a regular lover. And it’s not a question of leaving a family or divorcing because of him. Such an experienced lady considers a young guy only as an affair, a pleasant endeavor. And both parties find in this relationship what is needed at the moment: fresh gentlemen have thrilling sexual experience, while ladies like “burning eyes” and easy-going tamper of the partner in the bed. read more